Where is my energy going?

It's so easy to let life consume us in a world where everything is fighting for our attention.

Today we have a minimum of 1 tiny black screen keeping us company at all times to explore whatever our hearts and minds can imagine. On top of that we also have the things we want to accomplish like read a few books, meditate, exercise, and let's be honest getting enough sleep.

Fact is we are constantly being stimulated to the point that life is happening to us instead of for us. We get too busy doing nothing that we even forget to ask ourselves:

Where is my energy going?

I just want to start off by saying that I am extremely guilty for scrolling on TikTok for HOURS with no intention of stopping so please don't think I'm perfect here! I'm 100% a working progress, and quite possibly might be writing this just for myself.

Just recently I've felt myself sink into the obis of social media once again.

Checking stories, updating mine, watching TikToks at work, searching Facebook Marketplace for the best deals. The list is endless!

It's honestly so easy to be sucked in.

So how do we get out without just deleting the apps until we get addicted again?

Watching what you let consume you. Where your energy is going essentially feeds areas in life we want to grow. Nourishment goes beyond just what you put in our body, how much weight we can lift, or how much we moisturize but also what are you feeding your mind?

The mind is such a powerful tool and often times we abuse it. Not just with electronics but also worrying about past relationships, decisions, people's opinions, comparing your life to someone else's, and the list can truly go on and on especially if you're an over-thinker like me.

We find it easier to distract the mind than to nourish the very thing that can truly change our lives and perspective.

Checking in with yourself is just as important as checking in to your current location.

So here is a check in for you if you made it this far:

Where is your energy going lately?

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