Social Media is my Spooky Season Year Round

"I need a social media detox."

A phrase that pops up in our minds at one point or another.

I'll be honest when I say social media scares the absolute living shit out of me. I'll be honest A SECOND TIME when I say I am VERY guilty of going to social media to express my emotions.

I remember like it was yesterday. Sixteen year-old heartbroken me going to twitter to type in Lana Del Rey's Born To Die lyrics after my high school Mormon boyfriend, and his Mormon mom broke my heart for the 100th time to twenty-one year-old very angry me cursing out my ex on social media...not my proudest moment...

For most of my pubescent years social media was a way I thought to "express yourself" until I reached what some people like to call "adulthood."

My life took a turn 4 years ago when I quickly learned that social media was in fact not my therapist and neither were my followers.

As I have gotten to get to know "adulthood" better I have found myself to want to show the best parts of my life.

"I traveled! "

"I have a boyfriend."

"I graduated!"

"I have a new boyfriend!"

"I am now taking a social media detox."

I don't have life figured out, and NO WHERE near figuring out this social media stuff. All I know is that I want to be able to express myself more. So here I am on a blog ready to share a little bit more of my embarrassing almost always boring life with my cats. Welcome along the ride of spirituality, mindfulness, chasing your dreams, all while being absolutely lost with what to do next in life!

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