The REAL Reason Girls Cut Their Bangs

"Should I cut my bangs?"

Or if you're me...

"Should I cut my bangs...again?"


Sometime earlier this year I cut my bangs, and almost immediately afterwards regretted it. What started off as something new and fresh was now so much work and almost always not long enough.

I started to ask myself the biggest question after one cuts their own bangs.

"Why the fuck did I cut my bangs?"

Let's rewind...

At that point in my life I had decided I needed a break from photography, endless hours in front of my 2012 MacBook Pro waiting for it to catch up with the 20k+ photos on my external hard drive while making TikTok videos on photography started feeling like I was always working. My personal life was extinct, my heart was absolutely broken from my past bad decision, and my body dysmorphia was at it's peaking after the holidays.

Basically I felt like I had no control over my money, my heart, my time, my mind, and all round - myself.

So what's the only logical thing to do?

Cut. Your. Bangs.

Sometimes it's easier to control how you look instead of controlling the things you can. Diving DEEP and asking yourself what's really going on can be so hard especially in a world that's addicted to instant gratification.

Likes, shares, text, photos, swipes, matches, BANGS.


Bangs can be a great disguise for Zooey Deschanel, but ask yourself next time the scissors enter your hands, and you're looking at yourself in the mirror like "Am I really going to do this...again?"

Is my fascination on cutting my bangs really a disguise for something I feel like I have no control over?

Answer is almost always Yes.

Please don't cut your bangs.

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