Raw Dawging Gratitude

It's been 2 months since I've been actively practicing gratitude and its completely transformed my life.

2 months ago I was not in a good place. I wasn't happy with a wide range of things in my life: my job, my finances, my physical health, and my spirituality. When I wasn't working you'd catch me complaining about all of these things until one day I got so annoyed with myself that I told myself to stop.

At that time I had come across quite possibly the most important information that was ever given to me.

Gratitude is the highest frequency you can be at as a human being to attract the things you actually want into your life.

If you're not into vibrations or frequencies stick with me for just one second. I was a science major at one point in my life!

Light, sound, and color are all things that we can physically see with our eyes, and believe it or not, each color, light, and sound have different frequencies that dictate how we feel. That's why there is a science to marketing.

So is it so crazy to believe that the feelings that go on in your physical body dictate your vibrations?


You'd think that the highest vibration you can be at would be after drinking a cup of coffee, taking pre-workout, running a mile, or sniffing your first line of cocaine...


Simple answer: Gratitude.

There is a mantra that I sometimes forget and that's: EVERYTHING THAT I NEED I ALREADY HAVE.

So why does gratitude of all things help you attract abundance?

When you are whole and happy with the things you do have it makes everything else a bonus.

When I first started practicing gratitude journaling it was very materialistic. I was grateful for my apartment, my camera, my car, my job, money. I mean the list goes on. 2 months later I sit down at the end of my day and suddenly my list turns into things like: growth, rejection, love, patience, consistency, distance, change.

It's so easy to look around you and be grateful for the very things we can see. Sometimes we forget of the very things that will always live inside of us.

I challenge you to write 3 things you're grateful for everyday for the next month and why. You'd be surprised what you might attract.

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