Do Everything. Expect nothing.

If you know anything about me it's that I am the most impatient & inconsistent person ever.

I'm that person that googles endings to movies, skips to the last chapter of any good book, given up on business ideas, and have ghosted plenty of boys on dating apps...


For the past few months I've been trying to work on my patience which has ultimately lead me into my journey with my consistency.

Maybe it stems from the instant gratification that social media brings, or the things education had taught me, or maybe even owning two cats..either way I know I'm not the only one that struggles with this. Thankfully one day it simply clicked in a way that had never clicked before.

"Do EvErYtHiNg AnD eXpEcT nOtHiNg."


"Oh shit."

Sometimes we get so caught up in how we expect our lives to have looked in this moment that we forget that the FINAL RESULT to hard work is NOT what you're looking for. We simply forget that consistent actions that we put meaning behind fuels our future...or maybe not.

Hard reality is you may not reach your goals...the first time...or the second...or the third...or even the tenth.

It's not about getting to your imaginary finish line it's about trying again CONSISTENTLY.

"Once I get to my goal I'll FINALLY be happy."

Sound familiar?

The part of being consistent is not only being patient, but most importantly chasing the journey. Putting in the work BECAUSE you are doing something you love, putting meaning behind everything you do because you have a goal, YES, but also because you are willing to grow through the rollercoasters that come along with it. It goes beyond just accomplishing it's truly about showing up for yourself.

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