Be Perfectly Bad at Everything

Several months ago I was ready to start a blog, be famous, be a "youtuber", and be a millionaire.

Then days past by because I didn't have the perfect website, or the perfect logo, or even the money to hire the perfect team...this ultimately lead me to do absolutely nothing.

Somehow my perfectionistic mind was keeping me from just doing, living, STARTING. My thoughts were like this:

-Get morning routine down first before starting a new project

-Pay off credit card before getting new website

-Post on Youtube before posting a blog

-Start photography again before posting on Tiktok

(and my favorite)

-Get my life together


The amount of times I have needed to get my life together before starting anything has wasted so much of my time that I have stopped myself from applying for agencies, reaching out to friends, and now even just starting a youtube channel. It happens everyday.

The truth of the matter is this. There will NEVER be the perfect time, the perfect website, the perfect headshot, the perfect camera, the perfect city, or the perfect amount of money to start anything. Therefore you have to fearless enough to be bad at absolutely everything. Great things are coming your way, and what is meant for you will ALWAYS find you even if things still need to get done. Dreams happen everywhere. Miracles happen everyday. Don't let the idea of the perfect time stop you from simply living.

JUST START and be absolutely, horrifically, completely, CRINGEY bad at it.

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