First Day Back

This past Sunday was my first day back photographing!

The weeks following Sunday felt like avalanches falling on top of me, and I started to question if going back was the smartest decision.

I felt myself in a stagnant energy.

My full frame camera broke.

All while I hadn't journaled in WEEKS.

My small world that I was comfortable in was changing in ways I didn't expected it to be as I stepped back into shoes I hadn't filled in so long stronger than ever before.

Before I knew it my camera was repaired (SHOUT OUT to Garland Camera Repair), and it was time to load up my Honda Fit!

I'll be honest, when first setting these fall mini's up I was prepared to BOOK every session. As each day got harder and harder for me mentally all I could tell myself was:


As Arbor Hills started swarming with every photographer in the world, I carried my couch into the woods by myself when it hit me: I am so grateful to be where I am in my journey as a person, a photographer, a lover, a fighter, a friend, and as just a single soul.

I photographed two absolutely beautiful couples that day. One had been married for less than a year and the other for 36 years. The beautiful love I had the privilege of capturing inspiring me in so many more ways than one.

Sometimes things don't end up the way we expect them to but in the end they happen the way they are supposed to. This first intro back into photography was honestly such a great way to slowly transition myself into this next chapter. I'm so ready to see what the rest of the year has in store for this tiny little business I'm building.

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